Best Portable Charger for International Travel: Stay Charged!


The Anker PowerCore 20100mAh is the best portable charger for international travel. It offers a high capacity and worldwide compatibility.


Traveling internationally poses the unique challenge of keeping your devices powered up while on the move. The Anker PowerCore 20100mAh stands out with its impressive battery capacity. Its compact size and light weight make it a travel-friendly companion, easily fitting into a backpack or carry-on.


Dual USB ports can charge two devices simultaneously, ensuring you and your travel partner have the necessary power. The charger’s durability and fast-charging technology are essential for those long flights and airport layovers, providing a reliable energy source wherever your journey takes you. Compatible with various devices, it’s the ultimate travel accessory to keep you connected and ready to capture every moment of your adventure.

Best Portable Charger for International Travel: Stay Charged!




Factors To Consider

Traveling abroad requires reliable gadgets. An excellent portable charger ensures devices stay powered up. Before you buy, you can just consider key charger features to suit travel needs.

Power Capacity

The capacity of a portable charger dictates how many times it can charge a device. Measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), it guides buyers to the correct size. For extensive travel, a high mAh rating is essential.

  • 5000-10000 mAh: Good for short trips or single-device charging.
  • 10000-20000 mAh: Ideal for multiple charges on small devices.
  • 20000 mAh or more: Best for charging multiple devices multiple times.

Number Of Ports

More ports mean more devices can charge simultaneously. Selection depends on the number of devices carried. Dual ports are minimal, while four or more suit tech-heavy travelers.

Number of PortsBest Use
1-2 PortsSolo travelers with one or two devices
3-4 PortsGroup travel or multiple devices
5+ PortsHigh-demand charging needs


Chargers must match the devices they aim to power. Check compatibility with phones, tablets, and laptops. Consider the input types like micro USB, USB-C, or lightning. A universal port design offers the most convenience.

  • USB-C: For newer devices and fast charging.
  • Micro USB: For older phones and many accessories.
  • Lightning: Specifically for Apple devices.
  • Wireless charging: For devices supporting induction charging.
Best Portable Charger for International Travel: Stay Charged!




Top Picks

. Airlines and layovers test battery life. The correct charger keeps devices powered up. Our top picks blend capacity, portability, and durability. Each selection ensures connectivity, powering through your travel itinerary with ease.

Anker Powercore 26800

The Anker PowerCore 26800 stands out with its impressive 26800mAh battery. What makes it ideal for travelers?

  • Charge phones over six times
  • Dual micro USB ports for fast recharge
  • Three USB outputs to charge multiple devices


Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger

Ravpower 26800mah

Catering to demanding gadgets, the RAVPower 26800mAh is a powerhouse. Unique features include:

  • iSmart technology for optimized charging
  • A massive capacity with type-C compatibility
  • Simultaneous charging for up to three devices


RAVPower 26800mAh Portable Charger

Jackery Portable Charger

Lightweight and compact, the Jackery Portable Charger suits minimalists. It’s travel-friendly with features such as:

  • Smaller form factor for easy carrying
  • Battery life indicator
  • Efficient charge times with quick charge capability


Jackery Portable Charger

Additional Features

Traveling internationally calls for a reliable power source to keep devices charged. The best portable charger for international travel offers much more than a battery. It comes with additional features that ensure convenience and efficiency. Let’s explore these nifty extras that can make a world of difference.

Built-in Cables

The hassle of carrying extra cables is a thing of the past. Best portable chargers for international travel now come with built-in cords. These are compatible with a variety of devices. You will find options for USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB built right into the charger. This means you’ll always have a suitable cable on hand when you need it.

Wireless Charging

Cut the cord with wireless charging. Many portable chargers now allow you. This is particularly useful when traveling, as it reduces your needed items.

Fast Charging

Are you in a rush? Fast charging technology is here to help. The best portable charger for international travel often features fast charging capabilities. Your device gets powered up quickly, saving you time. Some chargers can power multiple devices at speed, perfect for those jet-setting adventures.

When selecting your travel charger, look for these intelligent features:

  • Pass-through charging: Charge both your device and the portable charger simultaneously.
  • LED indicators: Know exactly how much power is left in the charger.
  • Multi-port: Charge several devices at once.
  • Auto-off: Conserve energy with automatic shut-off when your devices are fully charged.

Picking a charger with these attributes will save you from power hassles. Dive into your travel experience confidently, knowing you have the best companion to keep you connected.

Best Portable Charger for International Travel: Stay Charged!




Frequently Asked Questions On Best Portable Charger For International Travel


What Is Dual Voltage In Portable Chargers?


Dual voltage in portable chargers means they can handle both 110-120V and 220-240V. This is crucial for international travel, as different countries have varying voltage standards. A dual-voltage charger can adapt, making it safe and convenient for charging devices anywhere.


Are Solar-powered Portable Chargers Worth It?


Solar-powered chargers offer independence from power outlets, making them ideal for outdoor travel. Though slower to charge, they are eco-friendly and invaluable in remote areas. For consistent travel use, please ensure it has a high-capacity battery and is weather-resistant.




When selecting a high-capacity portable charger, check its milliampere-hour (mAh) rating. Aim for something with at least 10,000 mAh. Also, consider size, weight, and the number of USB ports. These factors determine convenience and the ability to charge multiple devices on the go.


Does Brand Matter In Portable Chargers?


Brand reputation can indicate reliability and quality in portable chargers. Renowned brands often offer warranties and have stringent quality checks. They may also provide advanced features such as fast-charging technology. However, lesser-known brands can offer competitive, high-quality options, so reading reviews is advisable.




Embarking on international travels requires reliable tech gear. A top-notch portable charger is a traveler’s lifesaver, keeping devices powered and connection steady. Carefully chosen, it turns potential frustration into a seamless adventure. Remember: capacity, compatibility, size, and durability are critical. Choose wisely and ensure your tech travels as well as you do.


Safe travels!

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