Best Travel Trailers under 20 Feet: Compact Luxury on Wheels


The best travel trailers under 20 feet include the Jayco Hummingbird and the Forest River R-Pod. The Casita Spirit Deluxe and Scamp 16′ are also top contenders.


Choosing the perfect sub-20-foot travel trailer can turn a good vacation into a great one, combining comfort with ease of mobility. Compact travel trailers offer adventurers the freedom to roam without the hassle of a cumbersome setup. They’re designed for those who prize efficiency and value the ability to navigate tighter camp spots with ease.


For explorers looking to hit the road with less weight and more convenience, these miniature homes-on-wheels embody the essence of practicality. Brands like Jayco, Forest River, Casita, and Scamp prioritize making the most out of every square inch, providing cosy sleeping areas, clever storage solutions, and all the amenities to make your travel enjoyable and memorable. Whether planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country journey, a travel trailer under 20 feet is a fantastic investment for solo travellers and families.




Compact And Convenient

The quest for the ultimate travel trailer often leads to the recognition that bigger isn’t always better. Compact and convenient travel trailers offer a unique blend of comfort and ease, embodying the essence of what it means to travel light without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Easy To Tow

Travel trailers under 20 feet hit the sweet spot for towability. Their shorter length means navigating tight corners or winding roads is a breeze. A lighter weight reduces strain on your towing vehicle, offering better fuel efficiency and a safer driving experience. These trailers ensure a smooth ride even with a modest-sized SUV or truck.

Perfect For Small Families

Small families find a perfect ally in sub-20-foot travel trailers. Despite their size, these trailers pack essential amenities into a cosy space. You’ll find comfortable sleeping areas, compact kitchens, and efficient bathrooms. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you typically get:

Feature Description 
Sleeping Area Convertible dinettes or fixed beds that utilize space ingeniously 
Kitchenette Includes stove, sink, and sometimes microwaves and fridges 
Bathroom Wet baths with a shower-toilet combo or separate stalls in some models 
Storage Creative solutions like under-seat compartments and overhead bins 

These trailers offer a suitable space for a family of three or four to make incredible memories on the road.

Best Travel Trailers under 20 Feet: Compact Luxury on Wheels



Cost-effective Options

Exploring the great outdoors doesn’t have to break the bank. Cost-effective options for travel trailers make adventure accessible. Not all trailers are hefty-priced behemoths. Many under 20 feet offer comfort without the lofty costs. Let’s delve into budget-friendly choices that promise value without sacrificing quality.

Budget-friendly Choices

Diving into the world of travel trailers reveals some incredible bargains. These compact wonders pack a punch. Explore these top picks:

  • Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro: A lightweight champion with essential amenities.


  • Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite: An economical traveller offering comfort and style.


  • Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7: Durability meets affordability in this well-crafted trailer.


All these models ensure a significant investment. They have features like a cosy bed, kitchen, and bathroom.


Value For Money

KZ Sportsmen Classic 


Aliner Scout Lite 


Happier Camper HC1 


Unearthing trailers that offer the best bang for your buck? Please don’t worry about anything else. Quality meets cost-efficiency here:

Model FeaturesPrice Range
KZ Sportsmen Classic Compact, versatile design $10,000-$15,000 
Aliner Scout Lite Easy towing and setup $8,000-$12,000 
Happier Camper HC1 Modular interior, retro vibe $25,000-$30,000 

Expect a smooth ride, practicality, and stylish interiors. These trailers are perfect for frequent travellers on a tight budget.

Key Features To Look For

Embarking on the journey to find a compact travel trailer might seem daunting. But fret not! There’s a simple guide to what features matter most in sub-20-foot travel trailers. A perfect model balances comfort with convenience, ensuring every inch serves a purpose. Here’s what to keep an eye on for the ultimate travel experience.

Space Optimization

Every square foot counts in a travel trailer under 20 feet. Designers work magic to fit in living essentials. Look for trailers that offer innovative layouts. Convertible furniture is a big plus. It should switch from a dining area to a sleeping space with ease.

  • Multi-functional furniture
  • Cleverly placed cabinets
  • Fold-down tables

Check for intelligent floor plans. A good layout makes you forget about the size. It feels like a cosy, efficient home on wheels.


Amenities And Storage

Despite their compact size, these trailers pack a punch with amenities. Quality trailers come with the critical comforts of home. They include kitchens, bathrooms, and climate control. Seek out added luxuries like hot water showers and entertainment systems.

Amenity Benefit 
Built-in kitchenettes Prepare meals on the go 
Compact bathrooms No need for public restrooms 
Heating and A/C Comfort in any climate 

Storage solutions are also critical. It would be best if you had spots to stash your gear. Look for trailers with under-seat storage, overhead bins, and external compartments. Good storage helps keep your living space clear and clutter-free.

  • Clever cabinets
  • Hidden compartments
  • Outdoor storage hooks

With these features in mind, selecting a travel trailer that’s big on features and small in size becomes an exciting adventure!

Top Picks In The Market

Are you seeking the best compact travel trailers? The market boasts an array of sub-20-foot options for adventurers, families, and solo travellers alike.

Selecting the right travel trailer involves reviewing popular models that top the charts for quality, features, and value. Here are some standout candidates:

  • Casita Spirit Deluxe – A lightweight option perfect for easy towing.


  • Happier Camper HC1 – Offers a modular interior for customisable spaces.


  • Scamp 16′ Trailer – Renowned for its aerodynamic design and cosy interior.


  • Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 – Known for durability and intelligent use of space.


Comparison Chart of Popular Models 
Model  Length Weight Sleeps 
Casita Spirit Deluxe 17 ft 2480 lbs 
Happier Camper HC1 13 ft 1100 lbs 
Scamp 16′ Trailer 16 ft 1750 lbs 
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 20 ft 2645 lbs 

Customer Favorites

Buyers leave gleaming reviews for trailers they adore. Here’s a list of those customer-loved treasures that make travelling truly delightful:

  1. Airstream Bambi – A symbol of style and comfort.


  1. Forest River R-Pod – Compact, efficient, and packed with amenities.


  1. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer – A seamless combination of lightness and luxury.


  1. KZ Sportsmen Classic – A fan-favorite for its affordability and practical layout.


Tips For Maintenance And Upkeep

Travel trailers under 20 feet are gems on wheels, but like all treasures, they need care to shine. Proper maintenance ensures your travel trailer remains your faithful companion for years. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time traveller, maintaining and upkeep can save you time, money, and stress.

Regular Checks

Regular Checks

Your travel trailer is your home on the go and deserves regular check-ups. At least once a month, devote time to inspect your vehicle thoroughly.

  • Tire pressure and tread: Make sure they’re ready for the road.
  • Battery life: Keep charged for spontaneous adventures.
  • Leaks: Check the roof and windows to keep the rain outside.
  • Brakes and lights: Safety first; always check before venturing out.

Create a checklist to make these regular checks a breeze.

Storage and Cleaning

Storage And Cleaning

Storing your travel trailer correctly adds to its lifespan.

Cover Ventilation Pest Control 
Protects paint and finish Prevents mold and mildew It keeps critters at bay 

Cleaning isn’t just about good looks. It’s essential for long-term care.

  1. Wash the exterior: Use proper cleaners for paint protection.
  2. Clean the interior: Dust and vacuum regularly.
  3. Empty and sanitize the water system: Keep the water fresh and clean.

Proper storage and diligent cleaning keep your travel companion pristine.




Frequently Asked Questions On Best Travel Trailers Under 20 Feet


What Is The Best Travel Trailer For The Money?


The Jayco Jay Flight consistently ranks as a top-value travel trailer, offering durability and comfort at a reasonable price.


What Class Is A 20-Foot Travel Trailer?


A 20-foot travel trailer typically falls into the light or Class B category, suitable for a wide range of tow vehicles.


What Are The Best RV Trailers Under 20k?


The best RV trailers under $20,000 include the Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro, the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7, and the Coachmen Clipper Classic. These models offer affordability without sacrificing quality or critical features.


What Travel Trailers Are Built To Last?


Airstream, Oliver, and Grand Design produce travel trailers renowned for their durability and quality construction. These brands emphasize longevity and customer satisfaction in their designs.




Selecting the perfect sub-20-foot travel trailer doesn’t have to be tough. Our roundup provides top choices for comfort and convenience on the road. With any of these models, you’ll embark on adventures that blend the thrill of camping with the comforts of home.


Choose wisely, and hit the road on your terms!

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