Best Way to Carry Money While Travelling: Safe & Smart Tips

Best way to carry money while travelling is by using a combination of cash, credit, and debit cards and secure money belts or neck wallets. Opt for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees for most purchases, limit cash on hand for small expenses, and use money belts for discreet storage.   Travellers often…

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Best way to carry money while travelling is by using a combination of cash, credit, and debit cards and secure money belts or neck wallets. Opt for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees for most purchases, limit cash on hand for small expenses, and use money belts for discreet storage.


Travellers often ponder the safest and most convenient way to manage finances on the road. Secure access to funds can mean the difference between a trip filled with ease or one peppered with stress. A blended approach to carrying money addresses different scenarios‚ÄĒfrom haggling at local markets to settling the bill at a high-end restaurant.


Utilizing a mix of payment methods not only ensures flexibility but also minimizes risk. Credit cards offer fraud protection and ease of tracking, while cash is king in places where digital payments falter. Adopting digital wallets and preloaded travel cards can further enhance security and budgeting. Keeping money safe requires strategic planning, blending high-tech solutions with practical methods to shield against the unexpected.



Choosing The Right Travel Wallet

Keeping money safe on the go is crucial. A reliable travel wallet combines convenience and security. It holds essentials and deters theft.

Considerations For Type

A perfect travel wallet suits individual needs. Think size, style, and functionality.

  • Size: Must fit currency, cards, and travel documents.
  • Style: From classic bifolds to modern money belts.
  • Functionality: Easy access with protective features is critical.

Security Features To Look For

Advanced security thwarts potential thieves.

Feature  Benefit 
RFID Blocking  Protects against electronic pickpocketing. 
Locking Zippers  Prevents unwanted access. 
Slash-proof Materials  Resists cutting and keeping valuables safe. 
Hidden Compartments  Keeps cash and cards out of sight. 



Using Prepaid Travel Cards

Using Prepaid Travel Cards has become a popular method for managing money while travelling. These cards offer a convenient and secure way to access funds without carrying large amounts of cash. Let’s dive into why a prepaid travel card might be your best travel companion.


  • No need to carry cash: Prepaid cards limit the risk of loss or theft.
  • Easy budget control: Load only what you need and track expenses.
  • Widely accepted: Use them like credit cards at most locations.
  • Lock in exchange rates: Avoid fluctuating currency rates.
  • Safer than credit cards: Not tied to your bank account directly.
  • Replaceable: If lost or stolen, the card can be replaced.

Considerations Before Using

  1. Activation fees: Research any costs associated with card activation.
  2. Reload charges: Some cards have fees for adding money.
  3. ATM fees: Check charges for cash withdrawals.
  4. Expiration dates: Prepaid cards may have expiry limits.
  5. Vendor compatibility: Ensure your destinations accept the card.
  6. Customer support: Access to help is vital if issues arise.



Benefits Of Cash

Exploring the world brings joy, yet savvy travellers know that carrying cash can often save the day. Cash provides simplicity and immediate payment and avoids the need for digital infrastructure.

Emergency Preparedness

Nature is unpredictable, and so are travel mishaps. In times of emergency, the relevance of cash escalates. Should digital networks fail, cash remains king.

  • Unaffected by technology glitches
  • Always accepted, everywhere
  • No need for ATMs or card machines

Local Market Transactions

Local markets burst with unique finds, and cash allows for seamless transactions. Negotiate deals or grab a snack without the hassle of cards.

  • Better negotiation power with vendors
  • Immediate payment, no waiting
  • Supports local economies directly
Best Way to Carry Money While Traveling: Safe & Smart Tips



Safety Measures And Tips

Remaining vigilant with your finances is crucial during travel. Exploring new places is thrilling, but staying mindful of money safety is a must to avoid any setbacks. By adopting specific strategies and measures, travellers can ensure that their money stays secure while enjoying their journey.

Dividing Your Funds

Savvy travellers often split their funds to minimize loss. Consider these steps:

  • Keep daily spending money accessible but limited.
  • Store backup cash in a separate location.
  • Debit and credit cards should be stowed away safely, with only one carried for use.

By spreading your funds, you can ensure that you don’t lose everything if one stash goes missing.

Hidden Pockets And Money Belts

Concealment is vital when securing your money. Consider these options:

  • Money belts: Worn under clothing, they are invisible to pickpockets.
  • Hidden pockets: Sewn inside apparel, they offer a secure spot for cash.
  • Neck wallets: Hung around your neck and tucked under a shirt.
  • Leg wallets: Strapped to one’s calf and hidden under pants.

Choosing the proper hidden storage will help keep your funds out of sight and out of reach from potential thieves.




Digital Payment Options

Travelling can stir up excitement and adventure. Yet, it’s crucial to think about money safety. Digital payment options offer convenience and security. They reduce the need to carry cash. Let’s explore some of the top digital solutions for money management on the go.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Your smartphone is more than a device for calls and texts. It’s your new wallet! Mobile wallets store credit and debit card details securely. Pay with a tap. No more rummaging for cards!

  • Apple Pay – For iPhone users
  • Google Pay – For Android enthusiasts
  • Samsung Pay – Available on Samsung devices

Many countries welcome mobile pay. Look for the contactless symbol at checkout. Quick, easy, and touch-free payments make shopping a breeze.

Utilizing Local Banking Apps



Utilizing Local Banking Apps

Banking apps give access to local currency without a physical bank. Download apps from popular local banks. Use them for direct payments in shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Country  Banking App  Features 
United Kingdom  Monzo  Instant notifications and budgeting tools. 
Canada  Tangerine  Bill payments, money transfers 
Australia  Up  Minimal fees, savings pots 

Finding an ATM is no longer necessary. Control funds from your phone. Apps show balance in real time. Manage money transfers with a few taps. Remember to secure your device with solid passwords.

Best Way to Carry Money While Traveling: Safe & Smart Tips



Frequently Asked Questions For Best Way To Carry Money While Traveling


What Is The Safest Way To Carry Money?


Carrying a money belt or a hidden wallet that goes under your clothing helps keep cash secure. Neck wallets or leg wallets are alternatives that add an extra layer of safety. Prioritize diversifying risk by not keeping all your money in one place.


Are Travelers Checks A Good Option?


Traveller’s checks offer security if lost or stolen, but their acceptance is fading. Many places may not accept them, and using them can sometimes be inconvenient due to the need to cash them at specific locations.


Can You Use Credit Cards Worldwide?


Most credit cards are widely accepted globally, especially Visa and MasterCard. Inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid fraud triggers. Also, check for international fees or conversion rates that your card issuer may apply to purchases.


How Effective Are Prepaid Travel Cards?


Prepaid travel cards are a secure and convenient way to manage funds. You preload the desired amount, which helps in budget control, and they often come with chip-and-pin security. However, be aware of potential reloading fees and ATM withdrawal charges.




Travelling with confidence means managing your money smartly. Opt for a mix of cash, cards, and digital options. Keep security a top priority to enjoy a stress-free journey. Whatever your travel style, the perfect money solution awaits. Safe travels and savvy spending to all wanderers out there!

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